Videosurveillance (1)

    In order to be able to use internet explorer mode on Microsoft EDGE you had to check that the button "Reload in Internet Explorer mode" is present



    If this button is not present on your browser, then go to the settings 




     once in the settings you have to go to Default browser and Allow reloading of sites in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode)



     Once this is done restart your browser.


    First, please launch Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge in Administrator Mode (Righ click on the Application)

    If you no longer have Internet Explorer you can activate the «Internet Explorer mode» in Edge by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner and clicking on the icon displayed here: 

    Put you IP address of your recorder.

    Then, login & Password and Validate

    Go to "Local Settings" 

    Finally, choose the different paths so that you can access them once saved.


    Make sure you have write permissions on these directories. Then validate.

    You should be able to export your video recordings without trouble.

    Additional article for video export

    GGM KITIP24xx-48xx - How to export a recording File to a USB Stick 


    According to some models, this phenomenon appears when a wall or something bright is in the foreground of the image.

    At night, the IR LEDs come to focus on the wall in the foreground and prevent viewing in the background. it's all the more amplified when it's represent 1/3 of your image.

    Therefore,  there is no other solution than to physically reorient the camera so that it visualizes the wall in the foreground as little as possible.

    After reorientation

    Only by night, you notice a degration of image quality of your Dome cameras, whereas during the day, everything is clear

    Examples : Blurred image, fog effect, stains...

    The problem is often related to the reflections of the IR LEDs inside the camera.

    Please check

    1- The camera is not fixed well : Check the base of the camera and the glass of the cover and check the tightness. Condensation can then appear at night and then disappear during the day when temperatures rise. You can wipe down your camera with a microfiber cloth and use an anti-fog spray.

    2- Dust, dirt or micro scratches may appear :  Regularly clean the camera and remove the rainwater stains

    3- Damaged or incorrect fixed rubber ring The rubber ring around the camera lens must be perfectly clean, undamaged and must fit perfectly against the glass of the cover. Otherwise, reflections may appear.

    4- Camera Rotation Limit : Most of Dome camera has a maximum angle of rotation to respect and the IR LEDs must still remain visible otherwise, reflections inside camera may appear.


    Today, the maximum capacity supported is 10TB.

    We recommend to use Hard drives dedicated for videoprotection, in particular WD Purpule range :

    .rf video files are used at GIGAMEDIA, which guarantee the authenticity of the file, more particularly for timestamp.

    To read .rf files, you must use the GIGAMEDIA video player, used in VMS Pro (available here : VMS Pro for GIGAMEDIA Recorders

    VMS Pro :


    During playback and extraction, you can choose file format you want to have  : mp4, .avi ou .rf

    The DST (Daylight Saving Time) function allows you to adjust the time change according to the geographical position.

    By activating this DST function in your recorder, the time adjustment of your cameras will be done automatically.

    Graphical Interface

    Main Menu : Setup / System / Date and Time

    GGM VIEW App

    Web Interface and VMS PRO

    Remote Settings / System / General / Date and Time


    Remote Settings / System / General / Daylight Saving Time

    Main Menu : 

    Then NOTIFICATION and Choose : 

    Then Switch to ON.

    Note: A tooltip is dispalyed for each event.

    No, you can not delete a part of a recording.

    The only solution is to format the hard drive.

    No, you can only extract a Video recording to a USB stick

    Yes, NVRs support this function.

    YES, most wireless mouse models are compatible 

    No, Video Recordings will be kept.

    Only the configuration (Network Settings, Recording Mode, User Rights,...) will be reset.

    it means the the Hard Drive is in progress and is recording at the moment.

    Normal Operation about the LEDs of the recorder : 

    Pwr : Solid Green

    HDD : Flashing Red


    This menu allows you to configure video output parameters.

    CONFIGURATON / System then Output Configuration

    Output ResolutionSelect a display resolution that is suitable for your TV.

    1920 x 1080 will suit most TVs. 


    If your NVR supports more output resolution, you can select either 1024 x 768, 1280 x1024, 1440 x 900, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 to take the output resolution.

    If your TV or Monitor does not support these resolutions, we recommend that you temporarily use another monitor to make the adjustments and lower the output resolution to a minimum and then increase it as you go.

    To adjust the size and position of the display screen to suit your Monitor / TV, you can also use the OFFSET Scale function :





    Recording by detection, I/O alarm or AI function, no permanent recording.

    To enable video recording to the Google Drive:


    1. Settings     via the web interface
    2. Device
    3. Cloud



    For more compatibility, choose MP4 video format


    Enable the Cloud Storage button as above, then Enable Cloud

    Via the link, enter the activation code.

    Copy the code, then sign in to allow cloud storage on your Google Drive.

    In the recorder interface 

    1. Go to     Alarm, motion, or other
    2. Enable Picture or video     recording in the cloud
    3. go to Alarm Schedule and make sure it is set up for the period you need.

    In your drive, a folder with the name of your recorder should be created, and its mac address has appeared, 

    videos following detection, alarms, motion, or AI detection will be downloaded there.

    CAUTION : Do not enable PPPoP Protocol if you already have a router/Internet BOX with DHCP

    What is PPPoE and how does it work ?

    PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) is a transport Protocol for the Internet, which makes it possible to establish a connection between 2 hosts on a point-to-point link.

    PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a network protocol used to encapsulate PPP frames in Ethernet frames. It combines the PPP which has the function of authentification and encryption, and the Ethernet protocol which can support multiple users in a LAN.

    DHCP and PPPoE are used by Internet Providers for Internet connection.

    With PPPoE, a username and password must be created, which will allow authentification on the next connection to the network to obtain an IP address. As for the DHCP, the IP address will be assigned automatically without authentification.

    Do not enable PPPoP Protocol if you already have a router/Internet BOX with DHCP